Fluffy Suds Baaath Co. is the soap lab and store of Caitlin Waters. Located in Fulton, Missouri, Caitlin focuses on making great quality soap and body products featuring locally sources lanolin. All our products are handmade and cruelty free using sustainable ingredients.



What is lanolin

LanolinLanolin is a wax obtained from sheep’s wool. It is a cruelty free, sustainable product and here at the Baaath Co., we get most of ours from our very own family farm! In fact, our very first batch of soap was made with lanolin from a sheep named Ripple. While we can guarantee that no sheep were harmed in the production of our lanolin, none of our products can be considered vegan.

Lanolin truly is a skincare wonder-ingredient. It’s super moisturizing, but also helps lock in that moisture and acts as a water repellent. On top of that, it’s anti-microbial. It’s how sheep are able to keep their skin nice and clean and soft even during the rain and other inclement weather. We feature lanolin in all the products that we can, especially our soaps and hand creams.